Creating a new export - Intergraph Smart Completions - 5.3.6 - Help - Hexagon PPM

Smart Completions Help

Intergraph Smart Completions

The process for creating an Export is outlined below:

  1. Go to Configuration > Exports

  2. Click New.

  3. Select Export type.

  4. Choose the Manager from which you wish to Export in the next tab. For more details see Using the Criteria tab.

  5. Label Type: If you have added custom labels through Interface Labels, select "User Labels." The system defaults to Standard Import Labels.

  6. Click Edit List and Search to load the available database information. These will determine the columns on the spreadsheet.

    1. You can double click a row, and it will move to the right-hand of the screen. Only the columns added to the right side will be exported.

    2. You can highlight several rows and use the bold arrows (top) to move several columns at once.

    3. You can select one row, then click the double arrows to move every column.

  7. Clicking Done will return to the previous screen, and it will be necessary to click Next to progress to the Criteria tab.

If you know another program will import this file, and the other program uses a different label than Smart Completions, you can enter an "Alias" next to the column. The exported Column will be overwritten with the label you enter here.