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Intergraph Smart Completions

Smart Completions User Reports allow for Admins to see the activity of Users within Smart Completions. These reports aid Admins in seeing the activity levels of Smart Completions Users. There are three reports that allow Admins to see Smart Completions usage in different ways; these reports are:

  • User Activity Quarterly Report

  • User Activity Report

  • User Activity Summary

User Log Manager - Reports Tab.

Through the gear icon, search for User Log, or navigate to vUserLog. To load all records, click the Search button. You can also use the General Tab on the left panel to filter and refine the search. Make sure you have selected the correct Project from the dropdown, or you can choose "All Projects."

Once the search criteria is chosen, make sure to click Search again. The reports - located on the reports tab - will automatically filter according to your criteria. Expand the "Summary"section to run and download either pdf or excel versions of the reports.

User Activity Report - Reports Tab

The user activity report displays latest login details of all the logged in users. It also provides an out of the box function where if you are a system administrator, you can set rules for account deactivation or extension (for 30, 45, 60 and 90 days) depending on the date of last login.