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Intergraph Smart Completions

User accounts can be managed in the Resources & Users Manager (vResources).

The Resources tab is designed to assign resources (e.g. contractors, employees, suppliers, etc.) to the company. When assigning a task or punchlist to a person, the software can pre-filter the results by Company.

To Create a New Account:

Click the "New" button at the bottom of the screen. If you don't see the popup window, make sure they are enabled in your browser. You can create a blank Resource, or you can copy from an existing Resource. The latter option allows you to pre-load some of the copied user's details into the new user's account.

  • Copy an existing Resource: You will need to assign a resource ID, a login ID (these are usually the same), the user's name, and the user's email address. Under the "Options" dropdown, you can choose which items to copy from the original user. These include: Account Limiters, Projects, Roles and Profiles, Workgroups, and layout decisions. Once these have been completed, click Finish to load the new user form.

  • Create a blank Resource: The IDs, name, email, status, Projects and Company information is required. You will not be able to navigate to a different tab until completing this information.

When you've finished creating the record, remember to send a notice to the new user. The Email User button at the bottom of the popup window will generate a system email to the address on record. it will give the new user a temporary password that they must change upon first login.

Previous versions of the software allowed administrators and super-users to reset the passwords of other users. With the new security features, Smart Completions no longer allows any users - even trusted administrators - to create passwords for other users. An administrator can change a user's status or Re-activate a locked-out user, but all passwords resets are now handled directly by the user in question. On the login screen, a user can request to reset their password. The system will generate a temporary password for the reset.

Reinstate a Locked-Out User:

The system will lock out a user who attempts to enter the incorrect login details too many times. In these instances, an administrator can reinstate the status. The status of a locked-out user is blank. To reinstate a user, search for them in vResources, and change their status to "Active." The user can then request a password reset from the login screen.