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Intergraph Smart Completions

The Companies Manager contains contractors, vendors, supplier, and manufacturer lists that can be populated in reports and assigned responsibilities in Smart Completions. Each company can be allocated to tasks, cost items, contracts, punch items, reports, etc.

The process for creating/editing Companies is outlined below:

From the Switchboard, navigate to the Configuration tab.

Select NEW

All mandatory fields will be in RED and must be populated to enable saving the record.

  • Enter a Company Name and - if needed - a Description

  • Company Type classifies a company as a vendor, supplier, contractor, EPCM, or manufacturer. This classification to defines which companies are displayed in various company-centric dropdowns.

  • Disciplines are typically assigned to a company that is flagged as a Manufacturer, primarily for assets. When an asset is created and designated as Mechanical, the dropdown will list all manufacturers with the Mechanical discipline.

  • Responsibilities defines whether a company is referenced in specific managers within the software. E.g. If companies are assigned or associated with Punchlist, the dropdown list of Company in the Punchlist module will only show those companies that have this manager assigned.

The Address and Contact tab allows you to add:

  • Company Address

  • Mailing Address

  • Primary Contact