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The electrical mail merge field template document is used to edit an electrical test form. The other template is used for generic discipline such as Infrastructure. It contains basic Task, Systemization, Location, WBS and Project information.

The process for inserting mail merge fields onto a form is outlined below:

  1. Individual Equipment Tests - Ninety percent (90%) of test forms are assigned to individual equipment and will be assigned the discipline specific mail merge forms.

  2. Group Equipment Tests - Ten percent (10%) of test forms are assigned to a group of equipment, specifically "Pipe Packs" and "Loop Tests". For these types of tests use the following mail merge templates:

Must have these mail merge fields on a test form:

  • Barcode/QRcode

  • Project Name & Logos

  • Tag Name

  • Systemization and Location Names

  • Task and Job Names

  • Document List

Should Have Mail Merge Fields.

  • Asset OEM details

  • Comments

  • Asset Specifications (i.e. range, scale, size, pressures, temps, flow parameters etc.)

  • Test Form Document.

In order for a Mail Merge Form to be successfully uploaded using the Smart Completions File Upload Utility there are some basic requirements that need to be met. We recommend below requirements to assure that you can upload Mail Merge Forms successfully.

  1. The QR Code needs to be square.

  2. If there is a border around the QR Code there needs to be white space.

  3. The QR Code should be in the top right corner of the document.