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The Test Forms Library houses all mail merge forms for paper execution. The Microsoft Mail Merge functionality allows any "static" form to be populated with a mail merge database field. Once the form is updated with the appropriate nameplate and process fields, the form can be saved and uploaded into the database. Forms must use the Smart Completions mail merge fields inserted into the MS Word document for successful use in the project. Forms are assigned to task models and task models create tasks.

A Test Form is considered a control document and therefore requires a revision number in order to save the record. When a form is approved, Smart Completions will automatically archive the approved version so it can be accessed anytime and compared against the latest current version.

  • The CCMS Mail Merge functionality only works with MS Word documents and not MS Excel sheets.

  • If there are additional fields that are not in the Discipline manager specific Mail Merge templates but are in the Smart Completions interface, please contact your appointed Smart Completions representative to have the field(s) added.

Mail Merge Templates and Forms

Depending on project strategy, Smart Completions can use client Microsoft MS Word documents (.doc or .docx) files and use Smart Completions mail merge fields to populate the forms with database content (i.e. asset nameplate data, assigned documents etc.). By default the Smart Completions database DOES NOT come with a library of forms. It is the system integrators responsibility to discuss with the client whom forms are to be used, and if they are missing specific forms, we will send the integrator a collection of forms that could be reviewed and used on the project.

Each form uploaded into the database must be populated with Smart Completions mail merge forms. A user can simply copy and paste a mail merge form from the mail merge field template. You can also press ALT-F9 to expand the mail merge field. Use this method after you have placed a mail merge field into a MS Word test form to make sure that the cell only includes the required mail merge field.

There are two (2) methods to use forms.

  • One (1) form to one (1) asset, and

  • One (1) form that lists multiple assets. For multiple assets (like pipe packs or loop tests) then the user must select the "Pipe Packs" and "Loops" mail merge templates.

Sample of the mail merge fields available for a test form assigned to an individual LINE or PIPE tag.