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The Document Types module is designed to group documents and drawings. A drawing type is a child object of a drawing category. The category is really meant to be very simple group like, document or drawing. Any document should have a Document Type assigned to it, especially if your operation or project is using the controlled document module.

When editing a Document type, the following fields should be filled out:

  1. Type: The primary key. It should be singular, such as "Loop."

  2. Description: Should be short, such as Loop Drawing.

  3. Abbreviation: This should be 3-4 characters and is not required, but if you configure the drawing tag creator this would be required to use. Abbreviation example for loop is "LO".

  4. Category: This is the parent to any document type and should be limited to very few records. IBS recommends use it to classify documents (e.g. procedures) and drawings (e.g. single line drawing).

  5. Controlled: A controlled document would automatically have the hard coded workflow (e.g. create, submit, verify, approve, revoked). It will also allow for version control, where Smart Completions will manage a history of revisions for that document record. The files associated with a document will only be archived (locked), when it is approved. Only specific users with verify or approved rights will be able to update these files until it is approved.

  6. Lifespan (days): Lifespan is used for those controlled documents that need reviews every "x" days. In this case, it will automatically turn approved documents (if they are controlled) to expire. This is not required.

  7. Is this a Procedure Type?: Procedure is used to classify if the document is an e-procedure. In that case the document control module will know which documents are created electronically vs. uploaded.

  8. Offline Mobile?: This is used to identify which documents should be referenced on a mobile device. These documents will be automatically downloaded with the checked out assets or tasks. Since files can be large, we limit files to be downloaded to less than 2MB.

  9. Included in Line Segment Drawings?: Segment drawings are for piping drawings, specifically isometrics. Any piping drawing that is used to define segments of a line would have this selected as it limits which drawings are listed in the SEGMENT section of the piping edit form.

  10. Use Type:

An "Instance" will share the same document types, so if several projects are in an instance, any changes to a document type will change for all projects