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The Systemization, or Process Breakdown Structure (PBS), is the logical and sequential layout of a process. The Systemization explains how assets relate to each other. This is not to be confused with the location relationship of assets. Where an asset physically resides may not also describe it's relationship to other assets. For instance, a pipe could be located physically next to a particular tank, but it feeds into a tank that is located in a different area. The Systemization describes how the assets relate to each other in terms of use.

A PBS is broken down into Plant, Process Area, System and Subsystem (4 tiers). It is a process oriented decomposition of up and downstream production systems. Systemization tracks the planned and actual transfer dates between the workgroups within a project, specifically the custody of systems/equipment.

The process for creating Process Breakdown Structure (PBS) is outlined below:

Navigation: Configuration > Trees/Tasks > Systemization Tree

ENTER PLANT: Left click the PROJECT NAME (top left), then press NEW LEAF (bottom right) to load the TREEVIEW EDITOR. Enter in NUMBER and NAME, press SAVE. NOTE: Since you selected a project, the next "LEAF" to the tree is a PLANT, and is why it is automatically set to PLANT.

Systemization Edit Form - Add Process Area

ENTER PROCESS AREA: Left click the PLANT node then press NEW LEAF (bottom right) to open up the TREEVIEW EDITOR. Enter in NUMBER and NAME.

When selecting the parent node (left side) to create a LEAF NODE, it will populate the top right side (e.g. Plant) to inform the user which current node they have selected. When pressing NEW LEAF, the Level field will auto-populate in the Edit Form.

Systemization Edit Form - Add System

ENTER SYSTEM: Left click the PROCESS AREA node then press NEW LEAF (bottom right) to open up the TREEVIEW EDITOR. Enter in NUMBER and NAME.

Repeat the process for SUBSYSTEM. Select the system and press NEW LEAF, enter Name and Number.