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The Smart Completions database is an advanced database that has over a 1,000 tables and 10,000’s of fields. Assigning tags to location provides the end user a simple method to find a tag, or collection of tags without actually knowing what tag they are looking for.

A Location Breakdown Structure (LBS) is the logical and sequential layout of a plant or project by geographical locations. It is broken into Plant, Process Area, Area and Physical Locations (4 Tiers). It is a location oriented decomposition which is used for Operations and Maintenance perspective.The LBS is used to identify specific "Areas" and "Physical Locations" used for costing against different geographical locations of a project, which is different than systemization where an equipment may be downstream of an equipment, but geographical (location) 10 kM away.

The process for developing Location Breakdown Structure (LBS) is outlined below:

Navigation: Configuration > Trees/Tasks > Physical Location Tree


  1. Select the PROJECT and press NEW LEAF.

  2. Enter in Number and Name of PLANT. Press SAVE.

Location Edit Form - Process Area


  1. Select the PLANT and press NEW LEAF.

  2. Enter in Number and Name of PROCESS AREA. Press SAVE.

Repeat the process for AREA(s) and PHYSICAL LOCATION(s). Select the system and press NEW LEAF, enter Name and Number.

Process Areas are used in the PPM report to report on major areas. Must at least go down to the process area level.