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The process for Approving, Updating Planned or Instantiated Tasks is outlined below:

Task Model Approval and Revocation:

We recommend that a Task Model is submitted for approval so that before tasks are scheduled and performed, the task model has been reviewed for its completeness and accuracy, and approved. This locks the version of the task model.

Example: When the workflow buttons are pressed, it will prompt the user if they want to email users who have verification and/or approval rights. If they select YES to the email notification, Smart Completions will automatically load a list of possible verifiers, or approvers, depending on the state it is transitioning from.

The email will be attached with who, what, why and when, and also attach a datasheet of the Task Model for quick review, and a hyperlink to the record.

Revoke a current approved version of the task model

Any user with edit rights to the Task Model module will have the ability to revoke a Task Model, at which point Smart Completions will prompt the user for revocation comments. The revocation process will remove approval status, and clear out the revision number. In order to re-approve the record a new revision number is required, and it cannot be any revision from prior approvals.

Update Planned Tasks

This function is used when planned tasks have already been created. When any changes are made to a Task Model, the associated tasks do not automatically update as well.For instance, if you find an error in digital tasks, you can update the Inspection Steps on the Task Model. Once you are finished, click Update Tasks to push these changes to all existing, non-started tasks. The system will not update any closed tasks, completed tasks, or tasks that have been started.

You can update the tasks directly from the open Task Model, or you can highlight the row(s) and choose Update Tasks from the bottom ribbon of the manager. A popup opens that allows you to decide what fields should be updated in the tasks. We have pre-selected the two most commonly updates: Basic Task Data / Task Headers and Task Steps/Inspection Points. The latter will update the digital task forms. If you need more information, you can choose to select the following options as well:

  • Task Workbreakdowns

  • Task Comments

  • Task Documents

  • Task Forms: Test Forms. You will use this if you have updated a test form for a paper-based task

  • Task Materials and Tools

  • Task Resources

  • Task Safety

  • Task Predecessors

  • Task Custom Fields

You will then choose whether to update CCMS Tasks (those in Planned Tasks) or Recurrent Tasks (Preservations and Inspections).