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Smart Completions Help

Intergraph Smart Completions

The Configuration tab allows you to set up the rules of the database, project, and configure the managers needed for your project. Smart Completions can be configured in any form required by a specific project. Depending on the roles and rights granted to you by your administrator, you may not see every button or manager discussed in this topic.

If your project administrator has renamed a Smart Completions Manager or moved it to a different location in the menu, the buttons displayed on screen may not reflect your project's version of the software.

For further queries, contact your project administrator.

  • Global Configuration

    • Announcements

    • Switchboard

    • Menu

    • Reports

    • User Application

  • Instance Configuration

    • Projects

    • Disciplines

    • Asset Types

    • Document Types

    • Workgroups

  • Project Configuration

    • Task Models

    • Forms Library

    • Work Breakdown Tree (WBS)

    • Systemization Tree (PBS)

    • Location Breakdown Tree (LBS)

  • Resource and User Management

    • Companies

    • Resources and Users

    • Roles

    • Role Profiles

    • User Log

  • Setup

    • Imports

    • Exports