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Carry-Over-Work (COW)

Carry-Over-Work (COW) item is work that has not been completed at the fabricator/manufacturer and is the responsibility of that party to complete. Carry-Over-Work items will be recorded and tracked in the CCMS Database, as part of the Punchlist Manager module.


The phase of the project that transfers a facility from a construction site to an operational facility.

Completions and Commissioning Management System (CCMS)

A database system that tracks Mechanical Completion, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities and data, including Punchlisting.

Field Installation Checklist (FIC)

Also known as Mechanical Completion Check Records (MCCRs). FICs are detailed documents that allow essential data to be recorded in a standardized format, providing documentary evidence of mechanical completion activities.

Inspection Test Record (ITR)

ITR is a detailed document that allows essential data to be recorded in a standardized format, providing documentary evidence of pre-commissioning activities.

Job Card

A collection of tasks and / or forms that are combined into a Job Card where they have common attributes, such as system / subsystem boundaries, project phase / stage and associated workgroup requirements.

Job Cards Manager

Designed to manage the assignment and administration of a collection of Job Cards.


The facility systems, as defined below, are further divided into sub-systems, where appropriate, in order to facilitate the Mechanical Completion, Function Testing, Commissioning and Handover of the entire Facility.


Process System – a test area or section defined by specific process application, pressure and/or temperature, or by specific hazards.

Non-Process System – an infrastructure, such as buildings, structures, concreting and electrical and communications equipment.

Task / Planned Task

Individual FICs or ITRs that have been created for each asset that is required to be completed during different phases i.e. Fabrication, Construction, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning.

Mechanical Completion (MC)

The state of the system when all civil, structural, concrete, piping, electrical, instrumentation and mechanical items have been installed as per the design documents and codes


CAPEX or OPEX Project that is supported with the CCMS

Punchlist ‘A’

Punchlist ‘A’ item prevents the sub-system or system from being Pre-commissioned, Commissioned or energised due to constraints on operability or safety of either PERSONNEL, EQUIPMENT or ENVIRONMENT.

Punchlist ‘B’

Punchlist ‘B’ item can, by agreement, be rolled over to the next phase. ‘B’ items shall not prevent the safe operation of the equipment &/or system but represents incomplete work.

Punchlist ‘C’

Punchlist ‘C’ item can be repaired and/or completed after handover, but must be done before issuance of the Close-out Certificate (C6).


The phase of the project that involves a set of checks to prove the system functionality and prepares the system for commissioning.

Work Package

A work package comprised of one or more tasks. Each task can identify specific person(s), tools, materials, safety requirements and supportive documentation. A work package is summarized in a simple go or no-go Job Card.

Work Package Manager

A Work Package manager is designed to manage the development, scheduling and execution of Work or Jobs.