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The purpose of importing custody skyline is to visualize the handover of subsystems and systems from Party A (construction) to Party B (commissioning) and Party C (Operations) all within one graphical dashboard and report. The skyline stacks the systems or systems into a histogram where each box represents the system or subsystem (on y-axis) and places the box in the appropriate time frame (on x-axis). Each box will have a progress bar that displays the % complete of all tasks associated with system or subsystem. The progress bar can be adjusted (as well as the overall histogram) if a user selects phase/stage further refining the specific tasks required to handover for the select system or subsystem.

It takes time to load the skyline as it will take time as it is performing a large query listing systems, subsystems, and calculating their progress against 1000’s, 10,000’s of tasks, punches, assets, docs, etc., while compiling the interface colored based on custody state, as well as rendering the Systems Completion S-Curve which includes both planned vs. actual status.

Importing of the skyline can be performed in two (2) ways:

  1. Develop Skyline Export: If systemization is already imported, specifically systems and/or systems, it is much easier to generate an export from the export module for the custody skyline as it will automatically list out the summary fields for your systemization. Then all that is required is to populate:

    • Custody – WBS Phase: populate this column with the summary (phase name – description) in which you plan to handover the system or subsystem, then populate the four (4) transfer dates.

    • Custody – WBS Stage: only use this column if the project wants to plan and track the transfer of subsystems or systems down to the stage level, if phase is sufficient then its not needed and the column can be deleted prior to importing.

    • Custody – Dates: populate the four (4) typical dates that would be tracked against each system or subsystem.

    • Custody - Contract Date: Date as defined in contract for a system or subsystem

    • Custody - Planned Date: Planned date for turnover as per commissioning schedule

    • Custody - Walked-Down Date: Date of agreed tri-party walk down to ensure all equipment has been installed/inspected according to project specification and any deficiencies are recorded in the CCMS punchlist, prior to transfer of care, custody and control.

    • Custody - Actual Date: Date of actual transfer

    • Custody: this column is for importing who has “current custody” of the system or subsystem.

    • Some clients will import that, so the skyline coloring of the boxes will change when transfer of custody goes from one work group (e.g. construction) to another (e.g. commissioning). It also is automatically populated (most common approach) when the related certificate is completed against the system or subsystem for the particular phase or stage. See “Certificate Type Configuration” for more information on defining “receiving custody” work group and color configuration.

    • It will also populate the “actual date” based on the completion date of the certificate. See Certificate Types configuration to define (receiving custody)

  2. Populate Skyline Import File: by a lead administrator in the vImport (import) module, or also done by an administrator or project engineer in the systemization module. There is an “import custody” button which will prompt the user to select the source XLS file and will map the columns to the fields.

You cannot re-purpose these fields or change their names as there is internal logic to the skyline that is looking at the particular date classifications.

You can filter the report on the basis of Type, Level, Time line, Progress and Block sizes.

On selecting option Daily, from Time line list the field Period is restricted to 2 months only. This restriction does not apply for any other time line option.