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Smart Completions Help

Intergraph Smart Completions

These settings will define the type of file exported, where it is delivered, and whether you want to save it within Smart Completions.

  1. The system defaults to .xlxs files. You can choose to export a .csv.

  2. Include Workflow? will add additional columns with the workflow information, including submitted by through closed by, along with the dates.

  3. The Date Time Shift allows you to control what time zone is applied to any dates. All times are recorded in the database at UTC (Coordinated Universal Time); however, timestamps that show within the system are displayed at the local machine's time. You can choose UTC, you local machine or the designated project time zone. You can also choose daylight savings in either USA/Canada, Australia, Chile, or Mexico.

  4. You can choose whether the export is delivered to your computer's download folder or an sFTP folder.

  5. Recurrence determines whether a saved report will run automatically run on designated schedule. Many projects require reports to be run daily or weekly. This can be time-consuming, and a large number of exports can slow the software for other users. If a report is set to run automatically on a recurrence schedule, Smart Completions will schedule these exports during off-hours. Therefore, you can simply click the Saved Export icon to generate the most recently run export.

  6. Add as New Export? determines whether the export is saved within the software or simply processed as a one-time export. If you choose to save it, a new field will allow you to name it.