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Intergraph Smart Completions

Smart Completions offers a variety of ways to sort and search for information within each Manager. There are three ways you can filter which results to see within the primary view panel.

  1. Search function

  2. Browse function

  3. Typing within the primary view panel

Search Function

The Search function is located on the top left in every Manager within the software. Each Manager's Search panel is unique and tailored to common search terms for it. This is the recommended method of filtering results if you need to generate a report, because the search criteria entered here will be honored in any reports generated from it. You can also save common search criteria, which is covered below.

Browse Function

The Browse filtering option will return results in the primary panel according to Location, Systemization or WBS. These results will not be honored in any reports generated, but it can quickly identify records for batch editing.

Typing within the Primary View Panel

At the top of each column, you can enter details to filter the results in the primary view panel. While this won't flow to reports, it can effectively target all necessary records that are grouped in different ways. For example, if you need to edit all tasks that have been created from a specific task model (rather than the options offered in the browse function), you can enter the Task Model information. The system will sort all tasks associated with that Task Model, and you can batch edit the tasks.

Each user can also create save commonly used Searches. This only applies to the Search function; it does not apply to browsing or Typing a term within a column. These Saved Searches only apply to the user who created them. It will not create a new Saved Search for other users.

After the Search criteria has been entered, click Save at the bottom of the Search section. After the Search has been Saved, it can be accessed from the Saved Searches section.