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Smart API Connector for Power BI
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A few key points before you begin:

  • The connector is used with Microsoft’s Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service. If you are unfamiliar with PBI, see to get started.

  • In general, it’s preferred to install the latest available PBI Desktop. See for updates.

  • The connector connects to a Hexagon PPM Smart API as a data source. Smart APIs typically are delivered with applications like Intergraph Smart 3D, Intergraph Smart P&ID, SmartPlant Foundation, and so on. Smart APIs are RESTful web APIs (based on the OData protocol) that expose application data.

  • Knowing where a Smart API is deployed and how to access it is a prerequisite to using the connector. See the specific Smart API documentation for details.

  • Smart APIs are protected resources. You must authenticate with an authorization server to access a Smart API. Your company may be using Smart API Manager if an API is deployed on-premise or Okta if the API is deployed in Smart Cloud. Again, see the Smart API documentation for details.

  • The Smart API Connector is preconfigured to work with on-premises Smart API Manager and Smart Cloud Okta authorization servers. If an alternate authorization server is used, an OAuth client must be defined with the following values:

    • Client ID: 255386E6-24B4-4DA4-ACCB-DE255BFAAF04

    • Client Secret: gkvoPQrCf1[uOvDIyNKTncl