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Smart API Connector for Power BI
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The connector is delivered with Power BI Desktop. After installing this version or later, you’re ready to use it with PBI Desktop to start creating reports and charts.

The following steps provide an overview:

  1. Start PBI Desktop.

  2. Click Get Data from the Home ribbon bar.

  3. Select Hexagon PPM Smart® API from the Get Data dialog box and click Connect.

    You can key in a string to filter the list, e.g., "smart" as shown below.

  4. Type the service root (URL) for the Smart API you want to connect to, and click OK.

    The Request headers field is provided to support advanced options. Specifying a value here is not common (use only if advised by Hexagon PPM support).

    In some cases, attempting to connect to a Smart API may result in an Unable to connect error:

    In this case, connect again and specify OData.Feed Version 1.0 in the connection dialog box. This error is not common, but you can encounter it when connecting to older versions of Smart APIs.

  5. After successful connection, available OData entity sets, functions, and other items display in the Navigator dialog box.

  6. Select the entity set(s) and any other items you wish to use, and then click Load or Transform Data to start working with the data to write reports, make charts, and so on.