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The PowerShell script file for the wizard, UpgradeSharedContent.ps1, is delivered in the same folder as the UpgradeSharedContent.exe file.

Refer to Windows PowerShell documentation available from Microsoft Corporation for detailed information on using PowerShell.

Run the Upgrade Shared Content wizard from Windows PowerShell

  1. Double-click UpgradeSharedContent.exe.

    The Upgrade Shared Content wizard displays.

  2. Create and save an upgrade file, and then exit the wizard. For information on creating the upgrade file using the wizard, see Create or Open the Upgrade File.

  3. Type powershell in the Search Windows box, and then right-click Windows PowerShell and select Run as administrator. Click Yes on any message prompts.

    The Administrator: Windows PowerShell displays.

  4. At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:

    . [Full path to Upgrade Shared Content executable]\UpgradeSharedContent.ps1

    For example, type the following command and then press ENTER:
    . "C:\Program Files (x86)\Smart 3D\ProjectMgmt\Tools\bin\UpgradeSharedContent.ps1"

    The software loads the script into memory.

    • The software saves the upgrade file you created to the upgrade shared content folder. To find the full path and filename, open the Upgrade Shared Content wizard and hover over the top file on the right side of the page. For more information, see Create or Open the Upgrade File.

    • Note that you must type a period (.) and a space at the beginning of the command.

    • If the path to UpgradeSharedContent.ps1 includes spaces, you must surround the path in quotation marks, as above.

  5. Type Upgrade-SharedContent [FullPathToSavedUpgradeFile]\NameOfUpgradeFile.xml and then press ENTER.

    The upgrade process starts. The PowerShell window displays status and error messages. The software writes all the information to a log file you can review when the process completes.

    • If the path to the upgrade file includes spaces, you must surround the path in quotation marks.

    • The delivered UpgradeSharedContent.ps1 script file is for use in an en-US locale (English, United States). For other locales, edit the UpgradeSharedContent.ps1 file and change the $Locale setting as necessary (for example, fr-FR, de-DE, and so forth). In the example below, $Locale is set to en-US.