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Reference Data Synchronization Manager Help

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager
7.2 (2014 R2)

SmartPlant Reference Data Synchronization (RDS) Manager provides tools for comparing, synchronizing, and managing reference data (metadata) across multiple plants. This application is especially useful when you need to maintain a central set of reference data for all of the plants across a site without having a network or database connection between plants.

The reference data synchronization process involves three steps:

  1. Creating an RDS package that contains the reference data from the source plant.  For more information, see Creating an RDS Package.

  2. Comparing the RDS package to the target plant reference data.  For more information, see Comparing Reference Data.

  3. Synchronizing (merging) the RDS package into the plant and application reference data at the target.  For more information, see Synchronizing Reference Data.

  • For SmartPlant Electrical, the RDS Manager does not handle the SmartPlant Electrical reference schema data (reference cables, lookup tables, and so on). This data is synchronized automatically when exporting and importing packages in disconnected mode. After synchronizing the reference data, SmartPlant Electrical is ready for use.

  • For SmartPlant P&ID, after synchronizing the reference data across the plants, you must use the Update Drawings functionality in SmartPlant P&ID to synchronize the drawings in each plant with the updated reference data. For more information about updating drawings, see the SmartPlant P&ID Drawing Manager Users Guide.

Recommended Configuration

Select the plant whose reference data you want to use as the source reference data.

  • Create a data RDS package from the source plant.

  • Back up the target plant.

  • Lock down (set to read-only) the user access to the reference data at the source plants. Allow full-control user access to the reference data only at the target plant.

  • Synchronize the target plants with the source plant RDS package.

  • For SmartPlant P&ID, do not use the RDS Manager to synchronize reference data between a host and satellites in a Workshare collaboration. Use the Workshare Synchronize Reference Data command instead.

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