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Reference Data Synchronization Manager Help

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager
7.2 (2014 R2)

Problem: Temporary working folder deleted after package creation.

Solution: The package creation process creates a temporary working folder in the parent folder of the package. Data files are created in this folder and then packaged into the final zip file. The temporary working folder is deleted automatically after the package creations succeeds or fails. You can add the RefDataCleanUp=0 environment variable to keep the software from deleting this folder.

Problem: I want to trace the results of the comparison process.

Solution: Log files are produced by each process. However, you can add the DdCompareDebug=1 environment variable to enable tracing.

  • The target plant hierarchy must match the source plant hierarchy.

  • Data dictionary versions for each corresponding schema must match.

  • The version of the RDS package must match the version of the RDS Manager software.

  • The Compare process must complete successfully before merging can begin.

  • The RDS Manager does not synchronize validation programs.