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7.2 (2014 R2)

An RDS package is a data package produced or extracted from a plant for merging into another plant. To create this package, use the File > New Package Command.

The RDS package contains the following data for both SmartPlant Electrical and P&ID:

  • Data dictionary version information for each schema.

  • Plant and application codelist.

  • Plant and application data dictionary item attribution.

  • Application filters belonging to the plant.

  • Application layouts.

  • Display set options for filtered printing.

  • Format options.

  • Format types and formats.

  • Rules file, styles file, insulation specifications, report templates, symbols and toolbar shortcuts, and borders.

For SmartPlant P&ID, the package also contains the following data:

  • Auto gap and symbology options.

  • Heat trace options.

  • The source plant must be a top-level plant (not a project or satellite) in order to create an RDS package.

  • The source and target plants must both be from the current version of SmartPlant Engineering Manager.

  • All referenced filters must belong to the plant (filters must be created under Plant Folders in Filter Manager, not created under My Folders). If any of the data to be packaged has references to filters not owned by the plant, the package creation will fail. In other words, filters in My Folders at the source will not be synchronized with the target.

  • For SmartPlant P&ID, only custom symbol toolbars created in Catalog Manager are included. User- specific toolbar shortcuts (created under My Catalog in SmartPlant P&ID) at the source will not be synchronized with the target.

  • SmartPlant P&ID toolbar shortcuts must have the same share name in path and target. The shortcut definition is recorded and used to re-create the link in an alternate location.

  • Saved views at the source plant are not included in the RDS package. Instead, create filters and layouts at the source and reference them with a view at the target plant.