Plant Design System (PDS) Stress Analysis Interface (PD_Stress)


This table forms the overall component records in the neutral file forms the PROP records containing component properties. When the interface generates the records for a component, it first gathers all the entries in this table applying to the component. The generic item name of the component and the PDS database type (component, pipe, instrument or support) identify the table entries that apply.

The format of an entry in the table is:




generic component name obtained from the PDS to stress analysis symbol map


number identifying the component type. You should use on of the following:

1 PDS component is a component or engineered item
2 PDS component is a pipe
3 PDS component is an instrument
4 PDS component is a pipe support

When a generic pipe stress component can be generated from either a component or an instrument in the model, there must be a set of entries in this table for each type


special flag indicating to the interface that the record will contain a component ID. This table entry must be set to -1.


data list format number. This number together with the generic component name allows you to identify all of the data on a particular record. The Intergraph options file contains form number adhering to the following convention:

0 element connectivity (the overall component rcd)
1 general component data
2 specific component data
3 connect point 1 data
4 connect point 2 data
5 connect point 3 data
6 connect point 4 data


list of table, column pairs specifying columns from which to obtain values to insert in output records. The table, column pairs can specify either segment or component level columns. the entity specified in a table, column pair must correspond to the PDSTYP of the table entry.

You can also specify one of the following special table, column pairs to map a composite column in the output record.

0, 0

insert a blank field into the record

0, -1

unique component ID

0, -2

special label formed by concatenating the size, schedule and commodity code attributes

0, -3

insulation unit weight (pipe only)

0, -4

insulation weight (components and instruments only)

0, -5

component or pipe thickness.

0, -6

unique segment ID

0, -7

fitting type from the FITTING NOMENCLATURE TABLE

0, -8

flare radius, large end (reducer only)

0, -9

large end cylinder length (reducer only)

0, -10

flare radius, small end (reducer only)

0, -11

small end cylinder length (reducer only)

0, -12

cone angle (reducer only)

0, -13

pad angle (reinforced tee only)

0, -14

unique analysis code ID (pointer to a CODE record)

0, -15

valve type from the PDS to stress analysis symbol map (valves only)

0, -16

valve angle (valves only)

0, -17

hanger type from the HANGER TYPE TABLE

0, -18

local coordinate system primary axis for a pipe support

0, -19

local coordinate system secondary axis for a pipe support

0, -20

end prep code from END PREPARATION TABLE

0, -21

segment length (miter elbow only)

0, -22

dry unit weight (pipe only)

0, -23

wet unit weight (pipe only)

0, -24

actual pipe length for each split pipe section

Sample Element Property/Connectivity Table

PI, 2, -1, 0, 0,-2, 50,2, 0,-14, !here for user defined DDLs
PI, 2, -1, 1, 50,21, 0,-22, 0,-23, 0,0, 12,15, 0,0, 0,-3
PI, 2, -1, 3, 50,7, 50,8, 0,-20, 0,-5, 50,11, 0,-6
PI, 2, -1, 4, 50,7, 50,8, 0,-20, 0,-5, 50,11, 0,-6

Sample Property Record

PI, 5B00031G,6"STDPAAAAAWAAA,,CODE20, 5, 10
PROP,PI, 5B00031G, 1,A53-B,0.1581E+01,0.1043E+01,,-32768.000000,,-0.6395E+11
PROP,PI, 5B00031G, 3,6.0,6.625000,BW,0.28,, B00031G
PROP,PI, 5B00031G, 4,6.0,6.625000,BW,0.28,, B00031G