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Plant Design System (PDS) Stress Analysis Interface (PD_Stress)


The following changes have been made to Stress Analysis Interface.

Version 2011 Service Pack 1

  • No changes were made for this release.

Version 2011 (V12)

  • Added model code RPADF in pdstress.tbl, caesarii.cde, triflex.cd, and adlpip.cde. (P2 PB:117189)

  • Modified the mapping for NP in caesarii.cde, pdsstress.tbl, triflex.cde, and adlpipe.cde, and also modified STRT1 in caesarii.cde and pdstress.tbl as follows:

    • Modified mapping of NIP, NIPIL, NIPL from PI to NP to enable PROP records.

    • Modified mapping of STRT1 from TU (branch) to TE (tee).