Interpreting the HITS Report - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Stress Analysis Interface (PD_Stress)


The HITS report is a diagnostic tool generated by the Intergraph interface to PDSTRESS. You can use this report to analyze the data collected from the 3-D piping model when a problem extracting an isometric occurs. This report can help you determine whether or not the problem exists in your model, in the PDSTRESS interface or in PDSTRESS itself.

The HITS report filename is formed from the output isometric design filename. Isometric design filename is concatenated with the file extension .h. For example, if the isometric design filename is OWS1101.ISO then the HITS report filename will be OWS1101.h. The report is created in the default directory at the time the iso is created.

One of the options in the PDSTRESS interface options file allows you to generate a HITS report only and not an intermediate data file (IDF). You may not always want to generate an IDF with a HITS report. The run time to generate both an IDF and a HITS report is significantly longer than the run time to generate a HITS report only.