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Plant Design System (PDS) Stress Analysis Interface (PD_Stress)


The options file contains switches, options, and tables that drive the PD_Stress Analysis Interface. This file gives you considerable flexibility in customizing the stress analysis neutral file.

When the input screen is first displayed on your workstation, this input field contains a default value obtained by translating the variable name NEUDFLTS. The logical name is defined at the system level when the Stress Analysis product is installed on your system. You can override this system level assignment (and thus the screen default) by exporting the variable to your own customized options file.

Intergraph delivers four options files, defaults.dat, caesarII.dat, adlpipe.dat and triflex.dat, located in the c:\win32app\ingr\pdstress\dat\directory. The defaults.dat file can be modified to the requirements of your third party stress analysis software. The triflex.dat file is set up to work with the AAA Technology and Specialties Co. stress analysis software. The caesarII.dat file is set up to work with the COADE, Inc. CAESAR II stress analysis software. The adlpipe.dat file is set up to work with the Rebis ADL Pipe stress analysis software.

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