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Plant Design System (PDS) Stress Analysis Interface (PD_Stress)


The PD_Stress Analysis Interface product generates neutral output files from three-dimensional (3D) piping models created by PDS modeling packages as input for third party stress analysis packages.

The neutral file can be run on your own in-house pipe stress software or on any other commercially available package capable of processing the Intergraph neutral file. Because of its flexibility, you can change the contents of the neutral file and customize it for your specific use.

The STRINP file collects user input and creates the ASCII file STRDEF.DAT which contains the options file NEUDFLTS. This options file contains switches, options and tables allowing you to control the information the Stress Analysis Interface enters into the neutral file. (Refer to the Options File section for more information on the contents of the options.) The STRINP file then displays the Stress Analysis Interface form allowing you to enter data to the ASCII file pdsstr.dat.

From the pdsstr.dat file, the Stress Analysis Interface reads the involved piping and equipment models, the pipeline names or stress ID and the options file.

The PDSSTR file then reads the 3D piping model and generates the stress analysis neutral files.