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Plant Design System (PDS) Stress Analysis Interface (PD_Stress)


The Model Number (model file) is a PDS Piping or Equipment Modeling file to be considered for stress analysis. You can specify up to eight files.

Equipment Modeling files must be specified in order to generate nozzles in the neutral file.

The first model number entered is considered to be the primary file and must be a Piping file and NOT an Equipment Modeling file. Any reference database (RDB) data accessed during stress analysis is obtained via the primary model (through its type 63 data).

RDB data accessed by the PD_Stress Analysis Interface product and properly attached to the primary file includes:

  • Material/Specification Database

  • Graphic Commodity Library

  • Physical Commodity Libraries

  • Piping Job Spec Tables Library

  • Standard Notes Library

  • Material Descriptions Library

  • Specialty and Instrument Descriptions Library

  • Label Description Library

  • Miscellaneous data stored in the design file itself.

A Model No is considered invalid if the number is longer than fourteen characters or if the number contains a underbar (_) characters or if it does not exist in the project database.

An empty carriage return in any of these fields moves the cursor to the Pipeline Names field.