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Plant Design System (PDS) Stress Analysis Interface (PD_Stress)


The Pipeline Names are pipe lines to be extracted into a single neutral file. You can specify up to eight pipeline names.

The specified lines must be connected in the Piping model files. Because you are specifying a network of piping segments, you must not specify multiple disconnected piping sections such as vessel trim piping. For the lines to be connected, the segments that form these lines must also be connected.

You can identify the pipelines you want to extract by line name substring or by Stress Analysis ID. The method you choose depends on the options you set in the options file.

In either method, you identify the piping network to extract by specifying piping segment attributes. Piping segments usually correspond only to sections of piping and not to an entire pipeline (unless the line is trivial). Enter the pipeline name(s) in the available fields.

An empty carriage return in any of these fields moves the cursor to the Stress Output Node field.

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