Extraction by Line Name Substring - PDS - Help

Plant Design System (PDS) Stress Analysis Interface (PD_Stress)


When extracting by line name substring, you should key in any substring of the full PDS line name that uniquely identifies the pipeline you want to include in the neutral file. This method is the default way of identifying pipelines to extract.

Example 1

If the line name is 6IN-OWS10111-1C0031, you can use the substring OWS10111 to identify this line. You may not want to use 1C0031 because it is the spec name component of the line name and it would identify more than one line in the model. Likewise, you might not want to use 6IN-OWS10111 because it will only extract sections that have a NPD of 6 inches. This could be a problem if multiple 6 inch sections are connected together by sections that are not 6 inches.

Extraction may fail if:

  • The line name substring you want to extract, exists with lines that are similarly named in the same models.

  • The substring you want to extract is also a substring of another line name.

When this type of extraction failure occurs, a multiple disconnected segments exist error message might be displayed.

Example 2

If the line that you want to extract is 8IN-OWS1011-1C0031 and you use the substring OWS1011, you inadvertently specified that you want to extract 6IN-OWS10111-1C0031 because OWS1011 is a substring of OWS10111.

To avoid this conflict:

  • specify a larger substring of the line name for the line you want to extract.

    1 In the case above, the larger substring may be -OWS1011-. By including the dashes the substring specified is no longer a substring of 6IN-OWS10111- 1C0031.

  • specify the line IDs of the lines you want to extract.