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The system uses one of the following options to define the bolt length.

There are three options set in the RDB:

  • Preferred Bolt Length Table — The system uses the bolt length from the Preferred Bolt Length Table.

  • Bolt Roundoff Factor — The system uses the Preferred Bolt Length Roundoff Factor. For instance, if the factor is 0.25" and the bolt length is 3.95", the bolt length will be rounded to the nearest factor of 0.25 which is 4.0".

  • No Roundoff — The system uses the true bolt length.

Bolt Roundoff Option

Bolt roundoff methods are specified by selection one of the three options under the Bolt Roundoff Option heading on the Material Takeoff Options form in the Project Administrator in one of three ways:

  • If the Preferred Bolt Length Table option is selected, the system retrieves the bolt length from Preferred Bolt Length Table in the Piping Spec Table Library.

  • If the Bolt Roundoff Factor option is selected, the Bolt Length Roundoff Factor field is activated, and the factor that is keyed in is used to determine the bolt length.

  • If the No Roundoff option is selected, the existing bolt length is reported.

Bolt Length Table Example

When the Preferred Bolt Length Table option is selected, the bolt length is retrieved from the following table, which is part of the Piping Spec Table Library:

Table_Data_Definition 'BOLT_LENGTH'
! Description= Preferred bolt lengths (maximum of 300 entries)
! By=GJH Ckd By=DCG Rev=1 Date=04-Aug-1987
No_Inputs 2 No_Outputs 1
Units= IN, IN, IN

! Bolt Length Preferred
! Low High Bolt Length
0.0 1.5 1.5
1.5001 1.75 1.75
1.7501 2 2
2.0001 2.25 2.25
2.2501 2.5 2.5
2.5001 2.75 2.75
2.7501 3 3

Bolt Length Roundoff Factor Example

Factor Value = 0.25
Calculated Length = 3.75
Reported length = 3.75

Factor Value = 0.25
Calculated Length = 3.76
Reported length = 4.0

Factor Value = 0.125
Calculated Length = 3.76
Reported length = 3.875