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You can edit existing views directly from the PAS Dashboard main window. The Edit Current Dashboard View button is available for Integrity users with Administrator or ConfigMgr roles. For PSI users, the Miscellaneous settings of the PAS Dashboard Configuration program allows you to specify a Windows group whose members should have access. For more information about these permissions and how you define them, see Opening the Configuration Page.

To edit the current view:

  1. Select the view you want to edit in the View list.

  2. Click Edit Current Dashboard View.

    The visual editor allows you to resize and arrange widgets by directly interacting with a preview of the widgets within the view. You can also click an Edit icon to modify the associated WizardWidget and any linked widgets. For more information about views, widgets, and widget groups, see Creating a View with Several Widgets.

  3. When you are done modifying the view, click Save. PAS Dashboard saves the view settings to the database and assembles the view for use.