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The Location field allows you to select from where in the Location hierarchy the PAS Dashboard displays data. For example, consider the Location hierarchy illustrated in the following figure showing a Company node with Plant A, Plant B, and Plant C nodes below it.


If you select Plant A, the PAS Dashboard displays data for Plant A, but it excludes data from Plant B and Plant C. If you select Company, the PAS Dashboard displays data for all the plants.

You can also set a default location to use. When you open the PAS Dashboard, the Location field is set to the default you selected. If you select a new default location, it overrides the previously selected default.

To select the default location:

  1. In the PAS Dashboard, click on the Location field at the top of the PAS Dashboard.

  2. Click the node in the Location hierarchy you want to set as the default.

  3. Click the star button next to the Location field.