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The Calculation Schedule section of the PAS Dashboard gives you the ability to schedule when calculations should occur for that widget. These calculations require the scheduled calculations service (pasCalculator) to be running. The Calculation Schedule provides the following options:

Scheduled Times

Allows you to select the frequency of calculations for the data in your widgets. You can select the day of the week and time interval for calculations to occur.

On Display

Use this option when a dependent widget is configured in the Widget Properties section. This option allows the calculations to occur on dependent widgets in real time.

After Import

Schedule calculations to occur after the import of a specific asset. This option allows you to select multiple assets (using Ctrl+Select) and will automatically detect the unique import schedule of each asset.

All widgets in the PAS Dashboard refresh automatically following calculations.

To view scheduled calculations:

  1. Open the configuration page. For more information, see Opening the Configuration Page on page 29.

  2. Click Widgets in the top menu.

  3. Select a widget in the list and click Calculation Schedule on the right.

  4. Click View Calendar to show previous and scheduled calculations on a calendar by day or week.