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When you run the PAS Dashboard configuration program, you can specify and test your PSI connection settings. You need to specify these settings only if you will use PSI data in the PAS Dashboard. The Application tab of the Configure page allows you to review and adjust these settings as needed without running the PAS Dashboard configuration program again. The PSS Settings section at the top right of this page provides the fields you need.

If you are not using PSI data in the PAS Dashboard, make sure you disable PSI in the PAS Dashboard to reduce the time required to update displayed data. To disable PSI in the PAS Dashboard, click Disable PSS in the PSS Settings section of the window.

To adjust your PSI connection settings:

  1. Open the configuration page. For more information, see Opening the Configuration Page.

  2. Click Application at the top of the window.

  3. In PSS server, specify the PSI server name.

  4. Specify the PSI server settings as needed.

  5. In Web Protocol and Web Port, specify the information needed to open the PSI Web Client. Some PAS Dashboard widgets allow users to drill-down into PSI data. The PAS Dashboard opens the PSI Web Client to provide these additional views and features.

  6. Click Test Connection to verify the connection to the PSI server.

  7. Click OK on the Connect to Server confirmation message.

  8. Click Save in the PSS Settings section of the window.