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The PAS Dashboard is a user interface that organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to read, allowing for quick and easy decision making. The PAS Dashboard can show data from a single location or can aggregate data together from multiple sites.

The PAS Dashboard Configuration page is available for Integrity users with Administrator or ConfigMgr roles. For PSI users, the Miscellaneous settings of the PAS Dashboard Configuration program allows you to specify a Windows group whose members should have access to the PAS Dashboard Configuration page. On the Miscellaneous page, check the Require ConfigMgr or Administrator rights check box and type the name of the group in the Dashboard Admin Group field. The PAS Dashboard gives the specified Windows group ConfigMgr rights. For more information, see Configure the Required PAS Dashboard Settings.

If you have the Administrator or ConfigMgr role, a gear icon button is available at the top of the PAS Dashboard to open the Configuration page. You can also disable this permission check in the Miscellaneous settings of the PAS Dashboard Configuration program.

To open the PAS Dashboard Configuration page:

  1. In a supported browser, open http://server/dashboard/configure.aspx

    where server is the IIS server name and path where the PAS Dashboard is installed. However, if you use localhost for the server, the permission check for the Configuration page is not performed.

  2. Click a menu item next to Configure: to configure that section. For example, click Application to make Dashboard application configuration changes.

The Setup Complete window of the PAS Dashboard Configuration program also provides an Access Dashboard Configuration Website link that opens the PAS Dashboard Configuration web page.