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If widgets are not updating as scheduled, or if you receive a Service Does Not Start error, follow these steps to make sure the service is running as expected.

To verify whether the service is running as expected:

  1. Check the network connection to the database.

  2. Ensure that the database connection account has the necessary privileges, such as read and write.

  3. Make sure the user account is correct, as well as the password under which the pasCalculator service runs.

    1. Open the Services applet, right click on the pasCalculator service, and select the Properties menu command.

    2. Click the Log On tab. Click the This account option and specify the domain\UserName where domain is the Windows domain on which the account resides and the UserName is the user account name. Also specify the password for an account that has the necessary network privileges to start the service.

  4. Check the Microsoft Event Viewer for any Service Control Manager errors when the pasCalculator service starts.