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PAS Dashboard creates log files as text files named for the component that generated the error, such as PASCalculator.txt. These log files are stored in the C:\ProgramData\PAS\Dashboard folder. To open this folder, click the Open Data Folder button in the Setup Complete section of the PAS Dashboard Configuration application. Then, you can view these files with any text editor. You can also view the error logging provided on the Application tab of the PAS Dashboard Configuration page. For more information, see Opening the Configuration Page.

In addition, you can view errors and events in the Windows Event Viewer. Open the IntegrityMOC category under Applications and Services and scan for errors, such as when the PAS Dashboard cannot connect to the SQL Server.

The Application Log in the Windows Event Viewer can provide additional information, but since this log has so many entries, it can require more time to find the details you want.

You can view the current status of the scheduled calculation service at the bottom of the Database section of the PAS Dashboard Configuration application. This log is updated with each status update from the service, but this data is not persisted anywhere on the disk.