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You can configure Integrity to display the PAS Dashboard in place of the Dashboard page of Cyber Integrity. This configuration option is provided by the Integrity Admin Utility.

PAS Dashboard 3.6.1 works with Integrity 7.3.1. Make sure that you have upgraded or installed Integrity 7.3.1 if you plan to use PAS Dashboard 3.6.1 with Integrity.

To configure Integrity to display the PAS Dashboard:

  1. On the Integrity server, click Start > All Programs > PAS > Integrity.

  2. Click Admin Utility.

  3. On the Admin Utility window, click the Maintenance link.

  4. In the PAS Dashboard URL field, labeled OpsClarity URL in some previous versions of Integrity, type http://<server>/dashboard where <server> is the name of the server where the PAS Dashboard is installed.

  5. Click the Save button next to the URL field.