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The Dashboard configuration program allows you to import the latest asset model for the PAS Dashboard. This import is usually the only configuration required for Integrity. Always start the PAS Dashboard configuration program as an administrator.

Some features, such as multiple database deployment and Windows event analytics require additional configuration. Review the following task to perform any additional configuration you may need to support the features you will use.

PAS Dashboard 3.6.1 works with Integrity 7.3.1. Make sure that you have upgraded or installed Integrity 7.3.1 if you plan to use PAS Dashboard 3.6.1 with Integrity.

To complete configuration for additional Integrity-based features:

  1. If you are going to use the Windows event analytics widget for data collected with the Recon asset model and Integrity, configure Windows event analytics in Integrity. For more information, see the PAS Recon Implementation Guide and the Integrity Administration Guide.

  2. If you are going to use the Data Transport Utility Health widget, configure the Data Transport Utility and the required folder structure. For more information, see the PAS Data Transport Utility User Guide.

  3. If you are using a multiple database deployment in Integrity, identify the domain account for the required access by completing the following steps:

    1. On the Integrity server for the primary database, specify the identified domain user account in the .config files for Integrity and its configuration utilities. For more information, see the Integrity Installation Guide.

      You must install and configure PAS Dashboard for the primary Cyber Integrity database before you install and configure PAS Dashboard for the secondary Cyber Integrity databases. If the secondary databases are connected first, the Calculations asset will be blocked, and the PAS Dashboard will not run.

    2. On the server where you installed PAS Dashboard, use Notepad to edit the following files, which provide access to the secondary databases:

    • DashInstallPath\web.config

    • DashInstallPath\DataCollector\pasCalculator.exe.config

    • DashInstallPath\DataCollector\DashboardConfig.exe.config

      DashInstallPath is the location where you installed PAS Dashboard, such as C:\PAS\Dashboard. This location is not the same as the Integrity installation location.

    1. Find the <userPrincipalName value=domain\username/> tag in each file.

    2. Change domain to the domain name of the primary Integrity server and change username to the domain account name associated with the pasIntegrityDB and IntegrityDataCollector2 services in Integrity.

      PAS Dashboard passes this account to Integrity for access to the data. This account is the same account you configured in Integrity for the pasIntegrityDB service, the IntegrityDataCollector2 service, and the configuration utilities.

    3. Save the files, and then close Notepad.

    4. Configure the DashboardInstallPath\IntegrityMOCRoot.xml file for a distributed setup by copying the connection string in the IMOCConnStr tag to the connection string in the MainDB tag, as shown in the following snippet.

<?xml version=1.0 encoding=utf-16?>

For more information about multiple database configuration, see the Integrity Installation Guide.