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PAS Dashboard for PSI and Integrity User Guide

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PAS Dashboard provides a framework to visualize data from the PAS by Hexagon (PAS) products you use. You can customize the widgets to present the information you want and need. PAS Dashboard delivers the flexibility you need to create and consolidate your data your way. You can integrate data from the following PAS products:

PlantState Integrity (PSI)

PSI analyzes data from disparate sources to provide critical safety and production information that improves operator situation awareness. These comprehensive Alarm Management, Boundary Management, Control Loop Performance, IPL Assurance, and High Performance Human-Machine Interface (HPHMI) solutions ensure safe, reliable, and compliant industrial operations.

Plant operators are an integral component of any Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) for risk management because operators are responsible for intervening in process disturbances. Companies have spent a large amount of money on safety instrumented systems, mechanical relief and containment systems, and emergency notification systems to realize the risk management benefits of those layers of protection.

However, plants are not profitable when they are shut down or they experience a significant incident. Reliability improvement is a great way to directly improve the return on assets and investment for a plant. PSI provides the information the operator needs to contribute to both plant protection and improved reliability. When combined with PAS Dashboard, the operator and plant management have the information they need to make business-critical decisions.


Integrity is a layered automation asset management solution with a sophisticated management of change system combined with auditing capabilities to report vital information and identify vulnerabilities in a facility's automation cyber assets. The solution spans all automation levels, providing information contained within Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 process automation systems. Integrity aggregates, organizes, and contextualizes highly complex data from disparate, proprietary industrial automation systems to help plant personnel maximize productivity, ensure reliability, and proactively identify and address potential safety incidents. With the data presentation capabilities of PAS Dashboard, you have the information you need at your fingertips.