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Metadata Import Utility Help

Intergraph Smart Engineering Manager
9 (2018)

On this tab, you can view database table properties from the imported Excel file data for the selected engineering product.

The following attributes of each database table property are displayed:

  • Name

  • Display Name used for the property in the product's Properties window

  • Type of data associated with the property

  • Select list that defines possible choices for the property, if applicable

  • Format for the property

  • Default value of the property, if applicable

  • Maximum length of values for the property, if the data type is a string

  • Whether you want users to see the database property in the drawing software

  • Whether you want users to see the property when creating filters in Filter Manager

  • Calculation or validation program ID associated with the property, if applicable

  • Category of the property

  • Dependent property, where a parent-child relationship exists between two select list properties

Search — Provides search-as-you-type for reducing the amount of information displayed in each pane (database tables and database table properties): all data strings matching the search string are highlighted; if no part of the data matches the search string, the data is hidden.