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  1. Select Import on the Metadata Import Utility toolbar to display the Open window. To import from a previously-imported file, select the arrow beside the Import command and select an available file path.

  2. Choose the required Excel file containing your metadata information and select Open.

    • Two tabs are available for viewing the imported metadata: Database Tables and Select Lists.

    • If there is a large amount of data, you can search for specific values by typing in the Search boxes. This provides a search-as-you-type feature: all data strings matching the search string are highlighted; if no part of the data matches the search string, the data is hidden. You can perform separate searches in the left and right panes for either of the tabs.

  3. In the left pane of the Database Tables tab, choose the required database table to display the properties for that table in the right pane.

  4. In the left pane of the Select Lists tab, choose the required select list to display the entries for that select list in the right pane.

  • Only data that is successfully validated against the database appears in the viewing panes.

  • Validation errors are displayed in the ribbon and data error details are reported in a validation report log file (<Excel file name> - ValidationReport.log). A separate validation report log file is generated for each Excel file used for import and these files are located in the following folder path under the Windows 'Users' folder: ..\AppData\Local\Temp\Intergraph\MDI\Reports.