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  1. Select Open Database on the Metadata Import Utility toolbar.

    • If a site has plants that include projects, the projects do not display in the Open Plant Structure dialog because it is not possible to add or modify metadata values for projects.

    • The network name of the computer and the name of the site to which the user is currently connected are displayed in the title bar of the Open Plant Structure dialog.

    • If the plant structure that you want displays in the Available plant structures list, you can select it in the List view on this dialog box and go to step 6.

  2. From the Application type list, choose the application whose database you want to connect to.

  3. Select Site Server to display the Open Site Server dialog.

  4. Choose the correct SmartPlantV4.ini file and select Open.

  5. In the Open Plant Structure dialog, select the plant you want to open from the Available plant structures list.

  6. Select Open.

    The software checks to make sure you have the correct access privileges for the selected plant structure and passes your access information back to the software. A confirmation message displays in the ribbon to indicate whether the connection was successful.