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The installation of the Metadata Import Utility includes a specially-configured Excel file, MDI - Data File Template.xlsx, which is located in the Intergraph SmartĀ® Engineering Manager folder path ..\Program Files (x86)\SmartPlant\Engineering Manager\Templates\. You use this file for entering the metadata source properties for importing.

SHARED Tip We recommend making a copy of the delivered Excel file for use as a template, in particular if you intend to reuse it to import different data sets.

This Excel file includes database information which is essential for the correct operation of the utility; however, since it is used off-line, no validations are made during data entry in the file and it is therefore up to you to ensure that the data you enter conforms to the data model of the product (Smart P&ID or Smart Electrical) into which you want to import the data.

This section provides some examples of metadata input to guide you in entering values that maintain data integrity and reduce the chances of errors occurring when you perform the import.

The first worksheet of the Excel file, Table of Contents, explains the purpose of each of the data fields and which of them are mandatory.