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The Metadata Import Utility allows bulk loading of metadata (properties and select lists) into data dictionary schemas of SmartPlant P&ID and SmartPlant Electrical.

The source data for the utility is supplied in a specially-configured Microsoft Excel file delivered with the software, including sample values that you can overwrite or delete as required.

After connecting to your database, you navigate to the Excel file and import the data into the utility, where a read-only preview is available. The data is located on two tabs: one for database table properties and the other for select lists. During import, the software validates the data against the databases and imports valid values only.

After viewing the data in the utility, you can save it to the database where new records are created or existing ones are updated according to the values entered in the key fields. You can view the saved data in Data Dictionary Manager.

Microsoft Excel must be installed on the machine where the Metadata Import Utility is installed in order for the utility to work properly.

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