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SmartPlant Foundation / SDx Version
  1. From the authoring tool, click Integration > Revise.

    • You can revise only if you have done the following:

      • Registered to the active plant using SmartPlant Registration.

      • Implemented the SmartPlant Foundation revision functionality for the authoring tool.

    • You can revise documents in an integrated environment using the Revise dialog box.

    • If you are using a new document or a document that does not yet have a defined revision scheme, select the revision scheme you want to use from the Revision Scheme Name list.

  2. In the Revise in Tool section, select the next available major and minor revision values.

    The current revisions of the tool will not be available in the Major and Minor list. You can select the current revisions of the tool only if they are not active.

  3. Click OK.

    • Any revision scheme that was previously assigned to a document can be changed even if the document has been shared. For example, if the original revision scheme for a document was set as Rev01A, you can change the revision scheme to Rev1A at any time.

    • A progress bar displays the progress of the revise operation.