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Isogen Symbol Key (SKEY) Definitions Reference


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The following changes have been made to the Isogen Symbol Key (SKEY) Reference Guide.

Hot Fixes and Service Packs

  • New Isogen symbol key definitions are available in the Isogen symbol key library:

    • The SLVE Isogen symbol key is used for penetration sleeve placement. For more information, see Penetration Sleeve in Supports.

    • The SW2 symbol key is used for site socket welds. For more information, see Site socket weld in Welds (on page ). (P3 AL:12937)

Version 2016 (11.0)

  • Two new Isogen symbol key definitions are introduced to support multi-part components: XV** is treated as a valve, and XF** is treated as a fitting. For more information, see Multi-part component in Miscellaneous Pipe Components. (P2 AL:10549)