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The following swim lane explains how the project is configured by different user roles in WQMS desktop client and then verified in the WQMS mobile application

Once the project is configured with the required settings, the production user and QC user creates a Notice of Inspection (NOI) and Report of Inspection (ROI) for an inspection stage. The QC user verifies the ROI in the mobile application. If the inspection result is passed, an NOI/ROI from Drawing is created for the next inspection stage. If the inspection result fails, an NOI/ROI from Drawing is created for the previous inspection stage. Based on the rejection type (re-weld or repair), the weld is either sent to the previous inspection stage or remains in the current inspection stage to create ROI.

For example, if a weld is repaired in Visual Inspection stage, it remains in the same inspection stage and a ROI is created. If the rejection type is re-weld, the weld is sent to the next inspection stage (that is FitUp verification) and an NOI is created.