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You can create a new report definition UID using the WQMS-Reports Excel file. For more information, refer to Generate reports using Report Definition.

  1. Navigate to the installation path ...\\SmartPlant\Smart WQMS\Models.

  2. Open the WQMS-Reports Excel file.

  3. Click ReportDefinitions sheet.

    The following properties exist in the WQMSReportDef section.

    • WQMSReportIconToolTip - Specify the tool tip for the icon.

      If this field is empty, then tool tip is not displayed when you hover the mouse on the icon in Smart Weld Quality Management System.

    • WQMSReportIconImage - Specify the name for the image. This image must be placed in the installation path ...//SmartPlant Foundation 2018 Server Files\Web_Sites\Server_Name\WQMSIcons.

      If this field is empty, then default image is displayed.

    • WQMSReportIconSelectionMode - Specify whether any objects in the UI should be selected while generating the custom report. There are three options:

      • Selected - Report is generated only for the selected objects in the UI.

      • All - Report is generated for all the objects in the UI. If there are any filtered objects, then only those objects are selected.

      • <Empty> - If the field is empty, then no objects are selected.

      • For the summary reports, the selection mode must be mentioned as Selected.

      • All the above properties are used only on the custom icons.

    • WQMSReportIconUserAction - This is used to provide the access to the icons. The access to the icon is provided to the action set mentioned in this cell. This action set can be assigned to the required user. The name specified here must be same as the name specified in the user action in the WQMS_Fabrication_Security.xlsm/ WQMS_Installation_Security.xlsm file.