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The SmartPlant P&ID Pipe-Spec Test tool connects with both Intergraph Smart® Reference Data (SRD) and Smart Plant P&ID. The SPP&ID Pipe-Spec Test tool allows you to view specs, commodity codes, nominal diameters, option codes, and validate service limits from Smart Reference Data database. You can also learn how to configure Smart Plant P&ID to assign a specification to a piping object.

Previously, the DLL 'SRDPIDClient.DLL' connected to the Smart Reference Data database and extracted the required validation results. This required that both the applications were installed in the same network, which did not work for cloud-to-ground implementation. In addition, if Oracle version was updated in Smart Reference Data, significant implementation was required from both the tools to ensure that the DLL was compliant with the latest version of Oracle.

However, now REST WEB APIs are being utilized to get and validate the specification data from SRD. The latter integrates the Web APIs in the DLL that is used by P&ID to validate the data against SRD.

SRD hosts the Web APIs.

With this new implementation, you can now validate the specification and commodity code data from Smart Reference Data. Eventually, it will enable you to perform the following tasks:

  • Configure the pipe specification access to SRD.

  • List the available pipe specifications from SRD for the active project.

  • List the available pipe specification revision numbers available for the selected pipe specification from SRD.

  • Validate pressure/ temperature pairing against the service limits for the selected pipe specification from SRD.

  • Validate and retrieve commodity code for the selected pipe specification, pressure temperature, nominal size, short code and option code.

  • List available nominal sizes for the commodity code.

The functionality is considerably enhanced to support the Cloud-to-ground implementation for checking data from P&ID against Smart Reference Data. Note that this is integration is currently applicable only for piping discipline and can be extended for other disciplines as well.

If you are using 32 bit, you may refer Intergraph Smart Reference Data Plus and SmartPlant P&ID.